5 Tips for You Wedding Photographer

5 Attitudes for you to put into practice as soon as possible

A new year always comes with new ideas and projects, which is extremely positive as long as they are put into practice, right?
Of course, some big projects take longer to materialize and the important thing is not to give up; But it is also interesting to focus on realistic ideas that can be done with small changes of attitude!
Check out the tips below that will definitely help you improve your work as a wedding photographer.

1 – Work to improve techniques

What challenges you when shooting? Do you always work with the same techniques? Escape from that fixed idea that “you only work in a certain style” and seek to improve yourself, facing new challenges and bringing new to your work.

2 – Let Your Creativity Flow

Always be on the lookout for novelties and inspirations, and let your creativity flow when it comes to photography. It is essential to have your style, but that does not mean that you should “close in your little world” and not seek the new, the different.

3 – Protect your images

As obvious as this “advice” may seem, it is very important! Every wedding photographer knows that it is necessary to back up, but few do it in practice!
So change this habit as soon as possible! Do whatever it takes to ensure the security of your images, rely on external HD, and online options like Dropbox and Google Drive, for example. But “do not count on luck” only.

4 – Accept constructive criticism

Compliments are great, but sometimes they can make you “fit in”. Criticism, at the same time, should not discourage you … Begin to face both praise and criticism for the perfection of your work!

5 – Delegate tasks

It is no use wanting to “embrace the world”. In a photography business, it is usually important to know how to delegate tasks, even so, you can focus on your main task, which is to shoot!
How about outsourcing the editing of your images? How about hiring an accountant or someone to take care of marketing? Think of all this with affection and with the primordial proposal to perfect your business!


SpeedUpFlow Photo Editing Service For Wedding and Portrait Photographers from Speedupflow on Vimeo.