Photographing the Wedding Dress

9 tips to capture the perfect wedding dress image

Every photographer has his own style and a unique look at things, and that’s exactly what sets his work apart from the rest. However, among wedding photographers, a photo that is not often missing is the bride’s dress.

Not that it’s a rule: There are brides and photographers who do not want capture images of the Wedding Dress. But a lot of women find it interesting to take a picture of the dress, so to make sure you are on the right track, follow the Wedding Checklist you received from the Bride.

The question is, how to take this important picture without falling into common sense! It is not always easy, especially when the professional has always the challenge of doing this kind of photo ( when working exclusively with weddings). But a few simple tips like the ones below can help you get inspired and create the perfect Image!

1- Use a stylish hanger that adds value to the photo: Maybe the bride has already invested in a custom hanger with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. This does not stop you from suggesting another option … Depending on wedding style and location, a classic wooden hanger, for example, can create a stylish look.

2- Make unique images: After capturing some of the basic wedding dress images, try out new angles and ideas. Change as far as you can the angle, giving prominence to the landscape in the background, for example. Then you will surely know which one is best!

3- Check out space: Remember that everything that involves the big day, such as the room where the bride got dressed, or the place where the wedding will take place, is part of the story. So how about finding ways to put the dress in a way where parts of the place also stand out? Capture, for example, subtly the presence of an elegant chandelier!

4- Observe everything around you: If you are in an outdoor place, for example, you can find ways to “include the environment” in your records or interesting architectural features. How about hanging the dress on a tree branch or in front of a single background and allowing it to “fall” naturally?

5 – Add other accessories: Not only the dress was hand-picked by the bride – although it is the main element of the look. Accessories such as earrings, bracelets, tiaras etc. can also be included when creating unique records. After all, they also say a lot about the style of the bride.

6- Include something or someone in the photo: The more traditional the dress appears alone in the image, nothing prevents you from trying something different, if you have the approval of the bride. It is possible to include in the dress scene things that are important for the couple, it could be, for example, a pet, a special frame or object, children, or even the bride herself (although not in a prominent position).

7- Give movement to the dress: Hanging the dress in a safe place, and giving some movement to catch someone in the frame with the dress, it is a suggestion that can work and in most ways allowing unique records.

8- Hang the dress on a door ajar, allowing the view of a beautiful space and/or where other people, such as relatives or the bride herself being produced.

9- Focus in post-production, to highlight, for example, other details beyond the fundamental element of the record (which is the dress).


These are just general ideas because every photographer will be able to work best in their own way.
Although the wedding dress photo is considered cliché by many, it is symbolically strong: it is a unique outfit that inspires the mysticism of marriage.
That way, it’s worth saying that capturing unique images of the wedding dress adds a lot to tell the story of the wedding day!