Tips for creating poses while photographing weddings

Tips for creating poses that will truly delight your clients while you are photographing weddings

Good poses are key to a good job! Lighting and scenery can contribute, but tuning in with couples is essential for a perfect result. And perhaps this is the biggest challenge: to be able to convey to the images the emotion of that moment.
In this way, you can check some important guidelines below. They are not “rules” for good photography, but, yes, tips that can help at taking photos, making the images come out in the most natural way.


As we approach our couples, and build a relationship of trust, we help “untangle” some cases where shyness “takes over” when photographing weddings or any other event.
With a closer relationship, we let our clients act naturally, managing to “put aside” shyness when we ask for certain poses.
It is a fact that many people do not feel comfortable clicking, and this is very natural … But if we are not attentive and prepared, this could hinder the work.

Image by: Bruno Rosa

New poses

Usually we have a sequence of “traditional” poses that we follow for all clients while photographing weddings. Some poses are better for a certain kind of customers; others, from another. And so, each case, specifically, gives us the freedom to create new poses, according to the personality of the couple.
When we identify this personality and we can transform it into the most appropriate poses, the couple are more comfortable with the clicks, and the result, as well as unique, is enchanting!
A simple example: the couple does not do the romantic style, but, yes, extroverted. Noticing this, it is much easier to create poses that naturally explore this fun side of the bride and groom, without “forcing” them with poses that really have nothing to do with them!


Value what your client likes when it comes to their body parts and exposure. Knowing this is essential and helps you avoid shots with highlights in “parts” that they do not like. Get to know your client and focus on what they really admire!
For example, if you are with a bride who “does not like her arms in pictures,” do what you can to create poses that do not show them; but rather value other parts of the body.

Image by: Daniel Ribeiro

Help at the time of the poses

A good way to conduct the photo shoot and also make the bride and groom more comfortable is to “pose for them.” That is, to show, in practice, what we are waiting for a certain photo.
This simple care with the couple ends up making the session more fun, and it flows naturally!


Especially in the case of marriage (and the pre-wedding session), we are photographing important moments for our clients, whether is on the most beautiful wedding venue or on a simple location, we must express this in the images and extract the most of it. This way, facial expressions are great allies (although they required a lot of attention from the photographer).
An interesting tip is to talk to the bride and groom about their relationship, family, plans… When we touch on the most sentimental subjects, instantly the faces illustrate the satisfaction of the moment, the memory, and thus the poses tend to be complete , full of excitement!
Lastly, it is worth remembering: attractive poses yield new customers! After all, all work is our “showcase”!