Setting your audience as a Wedding Photographer

Tips and benefits of setting your audience as a Wedding Photographer

Decide that photography will no longer be a hobby is a big step!  Your profession as a wedding photographer requires various types of care (which often go unnoticed).
When a photographer assembles his photography business, for example, he should keep in mind, among other things, which type of client he would like to attract, how much to charge, time spending behind the computer and much more. Thinking about the “ideal client” allows you to better understand their characteristics and desires. It is in fact the first step in defining the niche of your market, the products to be offered and even the pricing strategy.
It is even possible to make a comparison: the definition of the target audience is like the choice of the person with whom you wish to marry. If you are not sure about your choice, this relationship – however exciting it may be at the beginning – will sooner or later tend to be unpleasant and unhappy. And that’s where things start to fall apart.


Image by: Donatella Barbera

If you are a beginner or are simply in doubt about setting or redefining your target audience, there are a few simple tips and guidelines that will help you:
– Trace the socio demographic profile of your client: age group; income level; where do they live; hobbies; purchasing habits; personal tastes; type of photography you consume and why; fears and expectations.
– Identify the stage of life: only age is not enough. You should know, for example, if your clients are in the maternal stage; if they have small or larger children; whether they are women in prenuptial moments, etc. Just remember that the stage of life of the person is strongly linked to their buying decisions.
– Define marketing: With the characteristics of your target audience identified, it is much more possible to define marketing strategies to implement in your business; effective strategies that will reach the people you want to reach. For example, if you conclude that your “ideal customer type” is women and men between the ages of 25 and 35, childless, but in serious relationship, belonging to the B / C classes, you have everything to choose for the niche of wedding photography.
– Think about the most appropriate products: keeping in mind who your target audience is by understanding the needs of their profile, you will be able to better define what the right products and packages are to offer. It is even aware of the income and social level of the “ideal customer” that one can define the best strategy for formulating the prices of the products and services offered.

Image by: Look Fotografía

Defining your “ideal customer” and understanding your target audience is undoubtedly one of the pillars of successful companies. It could not be different in the case of photography!
It may seem obvious, but a professional does not always pay attention to this. Many photographers start, for example, “shooting everywhere,” ranging from animal photography, to the world of product photography, to social events, to venturing into the universe of newborns. In addition, of course, every case is a case, there is no “right or wrong”. But certainly a valuable tip is: define your niche market and the target audience you want to work with.
As much as it sounds “overwhelming” at the beginning, the results will certainly appear in a short time, also, working with focus and duly defined goals is the best choice.